Any watch lovers out there? I’m selling a Seiko 5 GMT SSK003 for $325 shipped US. It does have a scratch on the crystal (can live with it, buff it, or replace it). Box, papers, links, etc included.

A friend of mine has been sharing photos from their trip to Isla Mujeres which reminded me of when we went 9 years ago. I think it’s time we go back!

Beach viewBeach viewKalena with beach viewMatt in the beach

I’ve updated Tiny Theme for with a few quick changes & bug fixes. Improved blockquotes, fixed horizontal scroll bug, added accessibility improvements, improved link styling, added pagination to category pages, & fixed alt text for logo. You can upgrade to 1.0.5 on the plugins page.

Introducing the Tiny Theme for

Recently, I’ve been working on a new theme for for my personal use. Others have expressed interest in using it on their site, so I decided to make it available for anyone. I hope you enjoy the Tiny Theme.

Tiny Theme for


My goal in making the theme was for it to be as functional as possible while also being lightweight and blazing fast. It doesn’t include any added scripts or custom fonts. On the CSS side, it’s fully responsive without size related media queries. In fact, the only media query used is for dark mode.

Tweaking the Design

You can easily tweak elements of the design by going to the Dashboard and navigating to Design β†’ Edit CSS.

  • Use CSS variables to make wholesale changes to the colors used throughout the site.
  • Change the sizing of the entire site simply by changing the body font-size. Everything automatically adjusts to fit your preferred font-size.
  • Easily hide categories from single posts or the bio section in the header.
  • And infinitely more possibilites!


  • Uses’s built-in “Edit Footer” feature (Design β†’ Edit Footer)
  • Works with @sod’s Conversation on Micro.Blog plugin
  • Works with @sod’s Reply by Email plugin
  • Includes tweaks for @manton’s Search page plugin
  • Includes tweaks for the default Photo page feature
  • Includes custom styling for comments (enable on the Design page)
  • Includes custom styling for the replies page (enable in Pages)
  • Includes custom styling for the archive page (enable in Pages)


If you have any problems with the Tiny Theme for, you can contact me for help. If you’re the Github type, you can also report stuff on the repo.

Get it now

You can install the theme directly from the plug-ins page (login required).

If you decide to install it on your blog, let me know in the comments.

I have a few things to finish, but my custom theme is nearly complete (see my blog). It has no added scripts, is fully responsive, the only media query is for dark mode, & it doesn’t load special fonts. Hopefully I can finish soon. I plan to make it available if there’s interest.

I’m getting close to wrapping up a simple theme design for (as seen on my blog). I need to tie off a few loose ends and work through (learn) what all needs to be done to make it easy-to-install for others.

First game of the year!

Astros baseball

Watching my son’s tee ball game during some absolutely perfect weather today.

Spent a good portion of the day reprogramming non-smart door locks at our office. So that was fun.

For the third time, I’m returning to I know, I know, indecisive, always chasing, can’t make up my mind. But perhaps it’s telling that I keep coming back to the same place? And of course, had to do a new theme.

I need a teleprompter app for iOS that supports:

  • Custom font face, size, & color
  • Custom bg color
  • Custom scroll speed
  • Presentation Remote Support
  • Supports AirPlay

That’s it! Every one I’ve tried attempts to be so much more and clutters the interface way too much.

Alright, had to rethink things again. Here is where I’ve landed for my current home and Lock Screen setup.

Playing in the rocks in Broken Bow.

I’m looking for a used iPad Pro 12.9” (with FaceID) with Magic Keyboard if anyone is interested in selling.

We just completed a long road trip, and one app that I found very valuable was Weather on the Way. Was very beneficial to know what to expect along the route.

Finished The Boys From Biloxi (Grisham has always been a comfort read for me) and just started The Lincoln Highway. I loved A Gentlemen in Moscow by Amor Towles, so I’m excited for this one.

We went for a nice family hike in Broken Bow today. Both kids were up for the adventure and handled it like pros.

We’re staying in a β€œtiny home” AirBnB for a couple nights. And let me just say, not a fan. Part of the negative is it’s too cold for the kids to play outside, but still not seeing the appeal.

Arkansas BBQ joint.

Does anyone know of a dash-mount (or portable) CarPlay screen that is not a custom Android device?