I’m selling a few things this week. Let me know if interested.

  1. iPad Air (64GB Wifi, current gen, blue) w Smart Folio - $375
  2. Kindle Oasis (8GB WiFi, 7" display) w Amazon Folio - $125
  3. Wurkkos FC11 (Black, 4000k) w battery
  4. Skilhunt H04 RC (Black, NW High CRI) w battery
  5. Reylight x Vosteed Rook (Red, Nichia 519A) w battery

Taking best offer on lights, would love to bundle.

So far I’ve tried the Apple FineWoven case (meh), Spigen Thin something something (cheap), Nomad leather (weak MagSafe magnets). Next up is a Peak Design case and one of those super thin cases you always see ads for. Maybe I’ll like one of the last 2.

If you use Tiny and Tinylytics, you can now add a list of coutries’ flags where visits have originated to your site. The plugin update has been pushed out and should be available to everyone shortly. Remember, you’ll have to add your Tinylytics ID again when you update. See example.

I ended up ordering a Spigen MagSafe case (thinnest one they had) & a Nomad Horween Leather case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. I wanted to grab a dbrand ghost case & Totallee MagSafe one as well, but they aren’t available yet. I did try the FineWoven one from Apple, but not a fan.

For years, I’ve used Apple leather cases. With it being discontinued, I don’t know what to get for my new phone. Not looking for Speck, Otterbox, other hard shell types. I like leather &/or thin. I’m currently considering Nomad, Bullstrap, Apple Clear, Peak, Bellroy. Any suggestions?

I believe I have Tiny Theme ready for Hugo 0.117, although I’m holding off on officially claiming that. If anyone want to give it a test and let me know of any issues, it’d be appreciated. You can update to Tiny Theme 1.8.5 when it’s available or just re-install the theme now for immediate access.

It’s been a busy 2-3 weeks. I should be able to dive back into some Tiny Theme development next week. Let me know if you have any feature requests, bug reports, or ideas.

We just got 10 mins of rain for the first time in a month. That’s beyond unusual for Louisiana.

Following in @sod’s footsteps, I’ve started a little OpenGraph work to potentially make building Micro.blog themes a little bit easier. Developers could include a simple partial to cover 99% of OpenGraph use cases. If you’re interested, you can dive in and follow the pull request.

Wow. The fact that a couple fans were able to get to Ronald Acuña Jr. on the field in the middle of a game and get him to the ground is scary. Glad he’s ok, but that could have gone very differently. ⚾

Any suggestions for the dumbest smart thermostat available? I want HomeKit support and the ability to set thermostat when away. I don’t need anything that learns or adapts or sets itself. I have a Nest. Ecobee stuff requires extra wiring.

I wasn’t using Mastodon much, so I redirected my standalone account to the Micro.blog-Mastodon-Compatible one. One less social network to check. For now, I still have Threads and Bluesky, both barely used. I may phase them out soon as well.

Finally back home after a long road trip. Had some ups and downs (typical for a road trip with kids), but overall it was a success. The highlights were definitely the Braves games and the beach. Good to be back home though!

Matt and Kalena Langford Beach

This week it’s beach time. Starting off the early day (thanks, kids) on the porch with the wife.

Last week, we spent a couple days in Atlanta and caught 2 Braves games.

Family in Atlanta. Go Braves.

We’re leaving on a family road trip this weekend. Louisiana → Alabama (1nt) → Georgia (2nt) → Florida (4nt) → Louisiana. We’ll be catching a couple of Braves games then heading to the beach to meet family for a few days. I’m getting old so I invested in one of those car cushion things for the trip.

Our reading and note-taking and calendering and writing and blogging and relaxing nook.

Kalena in the reading nook

Just the thought of doing yard work in 110º (feels like) weather is miserable. But it has to be done. We tackle it again tomorrow. At least we are privileged to be able to use a zero turn on our property.

The Maui (specifically Lahaina) news is awful. As someone who has visited a few times (including our honeymoon), it definitely hits hard. A lot of good memories there.

When the hot glue fights back.

Kalena crafting and hot glue burning.