I’m sure a good financial strategist would’ve had this in place way before now, but better late than never. If Tiny Theme has added any meaningful value for you and you’d like to support further development, you can now buy me a coffee. Rest assured, Tiny Theme and its plugins will remain free.

A New Plugin for Tiny Theme: Adaptive Photo Layout

When I first created Tiny Theme, I knew I wanted to allow users to create posts with more than a handful of images. While technically possible from day one, the default layout was a simple vertical stack of images. While this is to be expected on mobile devices, it’s less than elegant on larger screens. The solution comes in the form of the Adaptive Photo Layout plugin for Tiny Theme.

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Inspired by some posts by @annie, I decided to add my own Bookmarks page.

Here’s a preview of a new Tiny Theme plugin I’m developing. On any post/page, add a magazine style gallery of images (great on desktop). It will require some basic HTML knowledge, but it should work for most users. It isn’t available publicly yet, but hopefully will be soon.

Her first time ice skating.

Mom and 4 year old ice skating.

Seeing a few conversations about enabling the Replies page on Micro.blog made me want to dive in and optimize it a bit more for Tiny Theme. I added a link back to the full conversation (thanks to @jarrod for making that easy) in the replies feed view (example) and single post view (example).

Tinylytics by @vincent has already become a must have for micro.blog users. It’s so simple and useful. Plus, he gives shoutouts to guys like myself and @jimmitchell.

Creating a Custom Branded File Sharing Service for Free

I had a first-world file sharing dilemma. I wanted to be able to simply share files with others that didn’t require a convoluted process. I wanted to be able to set expiration dates and passwords when necessary. I wanted it to be custom branded. And here’s the kicker, it needed to be affordable.

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Anyone use Supply.co or OneBlade for shaving? Thoughts?

Here’s a small project I just completed. I’m using a free file sharing app with a free file sharing service with a free URL shortening service that has free custom domain support to enable simple file sharing with a custom branded interface. That’s a long sentence. Here’s an example.

Update: I documented how I did it.

Hey, podcast people. If I wanted to record a podcast with multiple people in separate locations when both/all would only have access to an iPhone, how would I go about it? Is it possible?

Looks like the Arc Browser is now available without a waiting list. I don’t use it as my default browser, but I could see it replacing Chrome for a lot of people.

Today I learned that a DMARC quarantine/reject policy doesn’t play nice with Gmail (Google Workspace, in this case) aliases. The process of discovering it and working it out was not pleasurable.

So is it X but also Twitter? Or do they have that worked out yet?

Today’s front yard view.

Louisiana front yard with pond. Kalena walking across.

Having a little fun with Tinylytics (by @vincent) on my blog today.

screenshot of tinlytics integration on mattlangford.com

Introducing Font Choices for Tiny Theme

When I started developing Tiny Theme, I set out with goals of (1) accomplishing everything without scripts, (2) make it as light as possible, and (3) use as few media queries as possible. To date, Tiny still has zero added scripts, is very light, and uses only 1 media query (to enable dark mode). However, shortly after releasing the theme, it became apparent that people wanted font choices. How could I enable that without adding any scripts or additional weight to the theme?

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If you use Tiny Theme on Micro.blog, consider hitting the Kudos button at the bottom of the landing page. Thanks!

What Markdown/HTML will be displayed in the Micro.blog timeline? Bold, Italics, Links, inline code. I know about lists and images. What am I missing (include a sample in your reply if possible)?

Following in @jarrod’s footsteps, here’s an extra Bluesky invite for anyone who needs: