My perfect e-reader setup is a Kobo Libra 2 with folio case, Bookerly font, and Overdrive connection.

It’s @Kalena’s birthday!

Kalena Langford

My current lock and Home Screen. Went back to a lot off the defaults/basics.

iPhone Lock Screen and Home Screen example

German Chocolate Cake is named after an American named Samuel German. 🤯

A Child Theme for Tiny

Tiny Theme comes fully designed out-of-the-box, but many people like to tweak things here and there. Perhaps you want to add a background or increase the width. As a quick example, I’ve designed a child theme using only 3 lines of CSS.

Child Theme for Tiny Theme for

I’ve added a background color, modified the page width, tweaked the margins, rounded some corners, and centered the header. You can copy and paste the code below into your Custom CSS (access it via the Design page on Use it as is or modify it to your needs.

As you can see, making wholesale design changes to Tiny Theme is pretty easy.

The new Apple Sports app looks promising. I don’t think there is a single quality scores app that focuses on, ya know, scores. They all try to inject videos, ads, subscriptions, news, etc. I just want the scores!

As @vincent’s Tinylytics crossed the 2 million hits tracked milestone, my little site passed the 20,000 hits (tracked by Tinylytics) milestone.

My Top 10 Historical Fiction Novels

Due to being a parent and the various activities my kids are involved in, I’ve recent had to reactive my Facebook account and sign up for GroupMe. They’ll probably make me increase my phone’s font size next.

Not all cool watches have to cost an arm and a leg. I love my Casio Wave Ceptor.

Casio Wave Ceptor

What watch are you wearing today? For me, it’s a Seiko King Samurai with white dial.

Seiko King Samurai with white dial

Version 2.4 of Tiny Theme was just pushed out and adds new Microhooks, including the most powerful one yet. With microhook-uncss, you can enable a designer version of the theme that removes all default styling. You’ll still get the power of Tiny and its HTML layout, but the CSS becomes fully yours.

If anyone has enjoyed Tiny Theme, here are two ways you can express your gratitude (one and two). 😉

Since @manton just announced the new notes feature of, I had to give it a quick test run. And of course, I had to add a little Tiny Theme (2.3.1 required) specific styling to it as well.

Tiny Theme for has been updated to version 2.3 with even more Microhooks and a tweak to Category Pages.

I did some basic CSS customizations to Kagi that make a big difference in my opinion. If you’re using Kagi, have you made any changes? Seems like something where @maique would add some #fe7eb0.

ICYMI, Tiny Theme now includes Microhooks. This is a brand new way to customize a theme! And it’s still improving. Thanks to input from @otaviocc and @gdp, even more Microhooks have been enabled.

I’ve been a faithful Safari user for years, but I’m giving Arc Browser and Orion a spin. A main reason is better integration of Kagi. So far, I much prefer Orion. For any of you who’ve used all, what are your thoughts?

New - Tiny Theme 2.0 with Microhooks

I’ve been very happy with the success and development of Tiny Theme since its inception. However, there has always been one big obstacle I’ve had trouble over-coming. Basic CSS customization has always been possible, but I wanted to create a way for more advanced customizations without requiring users to over-write major elements of the theme (and thus missing out on future updates).

Introducing Microhooks

I’m calling this new feature Microhooks. It allows users to add (or modify) elements without having to over-write critical parts of Tiny Theme. For example, previously, if you wanted to add an email subscription box to the bottom of each post, you’d either have to code that in to every post OR completely over-write the single post implementation of Tiny…and if the single post implementation of Tiny ever got updated, well…good luck. Now, there’s another way.

Due to the growing popularity of Tiny Theme, I have created a documentation site that has information more current than this post.

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Teaser: An update to Tiny Theme with a major new feature is almost complete. Hoping to get it out today. It’ll be a big deal for those of you who like to heavily customize things.