Default Apps for 2023

There have been a bunch of “what apps am I using?” blog posts recently, inspired by an episode of Hemispheric Views. Robb Knight has a page with links to other people’s posts.

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If you’re in the market for some extra disk space, this is a great deal on an 18TB drive. Use it as is or shuck it.

I’ve been going down the rabbit hole of setting up my own little homelab/server. So far, I’ve been able to successfully roll out my own privatebin, video downloader, file uploader, homebridge, and media server. I’m happy with how far I’ve gotten and with how much I’ve learned so far. Docker ftw.

I’m going down the Synology rabbit hole. Ordered a DS423+ with 2 Toshiba N300 10TB drives to start with. I’ve also got some additional RAM and NVMe en route. My primary use will be ChannelsDVR (Plex-like), but I’m sure I’ll find more and more uses for it. Anyone else using one?

Field trip day for the kids. Art and Science Museum.

Heading back to Broken Bow with some extended family in about 5 weeks.

Kalena and Rowyn hiking in Broken BowKalena on the river during a broken bow hike.

As an EDC type, I’m generally not a fan of multi-tools. But the Leatherman Arc looks perfect.

Anyone using any combination of Plex, Channels, PlayOn, or other variations? Any strategies you use, specifically for streaming shows?

I’m considering releasing a Developer/Designer version of Tiny Theme (Tiniest Theme?) if there’s enough interest. It would be pretty bare with little-to-no CSS or built-in 3rd party plugin support. All styling and dev would be dependent on creating a custom theme on top of it. Any thoughts?

Recent updates to Tiny Theme (1.8.7) include:

  • Improved Syntax Styling
  • Improved Pagination Config
  • Support for Reply on Mastodon
  • Added simpler version checking for support cases
  • Support for Hugo 0.117*

*Verify that all installed plugins also support Hugo 0.117 before updating to Hugo 0.117.

Recent kitchen time.

Collage of kitchen photos

What’s a good bike for casual use? Basic exercise, family rides, etc. I’m not looking to break the budget, just something reasonable. I’m 6’3” (191 cm).

Tiny Theme now has built-in support (design/layout) for @otaviocc’s Reply on Mastodon plugin. Just install the plugin and roll. Report any issues to me. (cc @numericcitizen @maique @chadkoh)

If anyone stumbles upon the Uno: Show ’em No Mercy game (probably only at Walmart) and would ship it to me, I’d cover all the costs. My son wants it for his birthday and it’s nowhere around here (unavailable for shipping too).

Yard work in Louisiana.

After testing out ≈ 10-12 iPhone 15 Pro Max cases from companies like Apple, Spigen, Nomad, Torras, Totallee, and others…I finally landed on my favorite. It’s a slim leather case with metal buttons and full MagSafe compatibility by Mujjo.

Mujjo iPhone case leather

Ronald Acuña. 40/70. Special.

I need a bookmark manager:.

  • Simple, cross-platform (Mac, iOS, browser)
  • Not just read-it-later
  • No (or limited) social aspects
  • Simple organization

Pocket, Instapaper, Readwise Reader, Reeder, Matter, M.b bookmarks, Omnivore don’t fit. Pinboard is closest but it’s browser only and dated. Suggestions?

I’m rolling with a simple “Quick Note” shortcut for my iPhone action button right now. Anyone else do something different?

I’m selling a few things this week. Let me know if interested.

  1. iPad Air (64GB Wifi, current gen, blue) w Smart Folio - $375
  2. Kindle Oasis (8GB WiFi, 7" display) w Amazon Folio - $125
  3. Wurkkos FC11 (Black, 4000k) w battery
  4. Skilhunt H04 RC (Black, NW High CRI) w battery
  5. Reylight x Vosteed Rook (Red, Nichia 519A) w battery

Taking best offer on lights, would love to bundle.