A little art museum kind of day.

A man wearing a tan cap and brown shirt is looking at a painting of a blue dog with yellow eyes in an art gallery.A four-panel artwork features a stylized close-up of a dog's face with blue and black fur, and striking yellow eyes.A framed painting depicts a sailing ship navigating through choppy waters under a turbulent, cloudy sky.

I’m developing a new Micro.blog theme called Sumo (I also make Tiny Theme). If you’re the experimental type and would like to help beta test it on your site, let me know. You can see Sumo in action on my personal site. Testing will require you to install it via a github repo and manually update.

I’ve used Drafts for years for mostly short form stuff, but today I wrote a full 2,500 word lecture using it. And it was…nice!

I’ve decided to go another direction. Instead of bumping Tiny Theme to v3, I’m going to release an entirely new theme called Sumo next week.

There are still a few bugs and design tweaks to work out, but you can see it in its rough state on my blog.

Tiny Theme 3 is coming this month.

Update: SUMO instead. 😳

I finally have a highlights/quotes setup I like. They are auto-added to Readwise via Kobo & Hypothesis (Safari). Old highlights from Kindle & Goodreads were easily imported. For manual, I hit the + button in Readwise (only time I use the app). Everything is auto-organized & auto-pushed to Obsidian.

On next week’s todo list: A NetNewsWire theme based on Tiny. Also, ICYMI, here is a Drafts Theme and a Marked 2 Theme.

The view inside the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

Skylight window illuminates undulating beige walls and ceiling, blending organic curves and sharp lines, with scattered square and round vents, creating a futuristic architectural interior under a blue sky.

I need an app that helps store and organize quotes and highlights. I can’t stand Readwise’s approach (although the Kobo integration is solid). Quotify seems OK, but not available for Mac/browser. Any suggestions?

Trip day carry.

Flashlight, knife, coin on a wallet, and pen neatly arranged on a leather surface; tan bag with notebook partially visible. Coin text: “I AM THE MASTER OF MY FATE, I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL.”

If you use the Drafts app, here’s a new Tiny inspired theme you might like.

If you use Marked 2 for previewing/printing Markdown, I created a basic theme that closely resembles Tiny Theme. It supports headers, paragraphs, lists, code blocks, inline code, bold, italics, links, blockquotes, images, and horizontal rules. Download it and add it in Marked 2 (Settings → Style).

If you don’t already follow @Kalena (my wife) on Micro.blog, you should change that.

Matt and Kalena, dressed in casual outdoor attire stand on a rocky overlook with a scenic river and forest landscape in the background.

What are you using for RSS? I’m currently using NetNewsWire (previously used Reeder).

Anyone need a podcast guest to talk about…anything? I’ve done some internal stuff (business related), and I just started a solo podcast. Would love to add some experience to the job.

I published a basic edc (everyday carry) page the other day. Based on feedback, I’ve significantly expanded it. I’ll do my best to keep it as up to date as possible. I’d also love your suggestions on products/improvements.

I added a carry (EDC) page. What are some items you carry every day?

Episode 1: Welcome to Micro Matt

Welcome to a new podcast by me, Matt Langford. I’m calling it Micro Matt for two reasons. First as a nod to the platform that will be hosting it (Micro.blog), and secondly to represent the style of the podcast. It’ll be short 5 minute episodes focusing on a single topic every episode.

As a whole, it has no defined topics or niche. Episodes may vary from tech to sports to parenting to travel to life in general.

Thanks for listening!


Is there a way to have Amazon not use their own delivery service? Or at a minimum, set preferences (no signature, for example)? Their delivery system is a joke here.

We took the kids to a local indoor rock climbing place today. They’re going to be sore.

A person wearing a yellow top is climbing an indoor rock wall with various colored holds and routes.