Another day of extended-family vacation.

    Vaca fun.

    Heading back to Broken Bow with some extended family in about 5 weeks.

    Kalena and Rowyn hiking in Broken BowKalena on the river during a broken bow hike.

    Recent kitchen time.

    Collage of kitchen photos

    Yard work in Louisiana.

    After testing out β‰ˆ 10-12 iPhone 15 Pro Max cases from companies like Apple, Spigen, Nomad, Torras, Totallee, and others…I finally landed on my favorite. It’s a slim leather case with metal buttons and full MagSafe compatibility by Mujjo.

    Mujjo iPhone case leather

    Finally back home after a long road trip. Had some ups and downs (typical for a road trip with kids), but overall it was a success. The highlights were definitely the Braves games and the beach. Good to be back home though!

    Matt and Kalena Langford Beach

    This week it’s beach time. Starting off the early day (thanks, kids) on the porch with the wife.

    Last week, we spent a couple days in Atlanta and caught 2 Braves games.

    Family in Atlanta. Go Braves.

    Our reading and note-taking and calendering and writing and blogging and relaxing nook.

    Kalena in the reading nook

    The Maui (specifically Lahaina) news is awful. As someone who has visited a few times (including our honeymoon), it definitely hits hard. A lot of good memories there.

    When the hot glue fights back.

    Kalena crafting and hot glue burning.

    A New Plugin for Tiny Theme: Adaptive Photo Layout

    When I first created Tiny Theme, I knew I wanted to allow users to create posts with more than a handful of images. While technically possible from day one, the default layout was a simple vertical stack of images. While this is to be expected on mobile devices, it’s less than elegant on larger screens.

    The solution comes in the form of the Adaptive Photo Layout plugin for Tiny Theme.


    1. Go to the Plugin Page
    2. Install It


    To create a gallery, you have to follow a few steps manually. This allows you to only use the adaptive photo layout when you’re sure you need it. Here’s the sample code:

    <div class="adaptive_photo_layout">
    		<li><img src="LINK TO IMAGE 1" alt="IMAGE 1 DESCRIPTION" loading="lazy"></li>
    		<li><img src="LINK TO IMAGE 2" alt="IMAGE 2 DESCRIPTION" loading="lazy"></li>
    		<li><img src="LINK TO IMAGE 3" alt="IMAGE 3 DESCRIPTION" loading="lazy"></li>
    		<li><img src="LINK TO IMAGE 4" alt="IMAGE 4 DESCRIPTION" loading="lazy"></li>
    		<li><img src="LINK TO IMAGE 5" alt="IMAGE 5 DESCRIPTION" loading="lazy"></li>

    The last empty <li></li> is suggested for formatting purposes.

    There are no limits to the amount of photos you can use. As long as your code is formatted like the above, it will work. If you’d like, you can even link each image to a standalone version (or to anything else) as well.


    I made the intentional decision to not include a shortcode with this plugin. Shortcodes create longterm lock-in to a plugin. I wanted you to be able to switch themes and plugins in the future without your site breaking or you being required to manually remove every shortcode.


    Thanks to the excellent work of Jarrod Blundy of, this plugin is launching with 2 included Shortcuts for iOS/MacOS.

    Both shortcuts require you to validate your account upon initial use. They also give you the opportunity to view and add alt descriptions to each photo in your album. The results are then added to your clipboard. Easily paste the html into your new post/page and publish!

    Jarrod did an excellent job with these plugins. Checkout his library for more shortcuts. Best of all, you can even hire him to create one for you.

    Support Development

    Tiny Theme and its plugins are provided free of charge to users. I do not receive payment from in any way. If you’d like to help offset expenses and ensure the future of Tiny and its plugins, please consider supporting its development.

    Buy Me A Coffee


    With the Adaptive Photo Layout plugin, you can create albums that look great on desktop and tablet browsers. For this example, I used the iOS shortcut.

    • Kalena at beach
    • Matt and Kalena in Lithuania
    • Kalena in Mexico
    • Isla Mujeres
    • Kalena in Savannah
    • Matt and Kalena in Hawaii
    • Kalena in Breaux Bridge
    • Kalena and son at beach
    • Matt and Kalena at Truist Park
    • Kalena and son at beach
    • Kalena and son with dinosaurs
    • Kalena and daughter in San Antonio
    • Kalena and son at Minute Maid Park
    • Kalena in Pensacola
    • Matt and Kalena in Lafayette
    • Matt and Kalena and family
    • Kalena and son playing baseball
    • Kalena and son at baseball game
    • Langford family in Pensacola
    • Matt and Kalena in Oklahoma
    • Kalena holding rock

    Her first time ice skating.

    Mom and 4 year old ice skating.

    Tinylytics by @vincent has already become a must have for users. It’s so simple and useful. Plus, he gives shoutouts to guys like myself and @jimmitchell.

    So is it X but also Twitter? Or do they have that worked out yet?

    Today’s front yard view.

    Louisiana front yard with pond. Kalena walking across.

    Having a little fun with Tinylytics (by @vincent) on my blog today.

    screenshot of tinlytics integration on

    Find me on Threads (mattslangford).

    July 4th Family Day.

    Family photoChild and Kalena swinging

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