Finally back home after a long road trip. Had some ups and downs (typical for a road trip with kids), but overall it was a success. The highlights were definitely the Braves games and the beach. Good to be back home though!

    Matt and Kalena Langford Beach

    This week it’s beach time. Starting off the early day (thanks, kids) on the porch with the wife.

    Last week, we spent a couple days in Atlanta and caught 2 Braves games.

    Family in Atlanta. Go Braves.

    Our reading and note-taking and calendering and writing and blogging and relaxing nook.

    Kalena in the reading nook

    The Maui (specifically Lahaina) news is awful. As someone who has visited a few times (including our honeymoon), it definitely hits hard. A lot of good memories there.

    When the hot glue fights back.

    Kalena crafting and hot glue burning.

    A New Plugin for Tiny Theme: Adaptive Photo Layout

    When I first created Tiny Theme, I knew I wanted to allow users to create posts with more than a handful of images. While technically possible from day one, the default layout was a simple vertical stack of images. While this is to be expected on mobile devices, it’s less than elegant on larger screens. The solution comes in the form of the Adaptive Photo Layout plugin for Tiny Theme.

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    Her first time ice skating.

    Mom and 4 year old ice skating.

    Tinylytics by @vincent has already become a must have for users. It’s so simple and useful. Plus, he gives shoutouts to guys like myself and @jimmitchell.

    So is it X but also Twitter? Or do they have that worked out yet?

    Today’s front yard view.

    Louisiana front yard with pond. Kalena walking across.

    Having a little fun with Tinylytics (by @vincent) on my blog today.

    screenshot of tinlytics integration on

    Find me on Threads (mattslangford).

    July 4th Family Day.

    Family photoChild and Kalena swinging

    Seems like as good a time as any to do yard work. Here goes nothing. 🔥

    Wife and kids surprised me with an early Father’s Day gift. It’s a winner!

    Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary. From a blind date to countless trips to lots of laughs to 2 perfect kids and everything in between, it’s been an amazing ride. May the next 10 be even better!

    Another day with family, baseball, trampolines, and the outdoors.

    A little bit of front yard catch for the girls.

    A new tree for the yard. Planting in crocs. Being the heavier of the two of us, I ended up doing the digging. To her disappointment.

    She could spend her entire lifetime in a backyard garden. It is, without a doubt, something that “sparks joy.” I’m thinking it’s time to add some more raised beds like she’s been asking.

    Happy Mother’s Day to these two.

    Any watch lovers out there? I’m selling a Seiko 5 GMT SSK003 for $325 shipped US. It does have a scratch on the crystal (can live with it, buff it, or replace it). Box, papers, links, etc included.

    A friend of mine has been sharing photos from their trip to Isla Mujeres which reminded me of when we went 9 years ago. I think it’s time we go back!

    Beach viewBeach viewKalena with beach viewMatt in the beach

    First game of the year!

    Astros baseball
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