• Another day with family, baseball, trampolines, and the outdoors.

  • A little bit of front yard catch for the girls.

  • A new tree for the yard. Planting in crocs. Being the heavier of the two of us, I ended up doing the digging. To her disappointment.

  • She could spend her entire lifetime in a backyard garden. It is, without a doubt, something that “sparks joy.” I’m thinking it’s time to add some more raised beds like she’s been asking.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to these two.

  • Any watch lovers out there? I’m selling a Seiko 5 GMT SSK003 for $325 shipped US. It does have a scratch on the crystal (can live with it, buff it, or replace it). Box, papers, links, etc included.

  • A friend of mine has been sharing photos from their trip to Isla Mujeres which reminded me of when we went 9 years ago. I think it’s time we go back!

    Beach viewBeach viewKalena with beach viewMatt in the beach

  • First game of the year!

    Astros baseball
  • Watching my son’s tee ball game during some absolutely perfect weather today.

  • Alright, had to rethink things again. Here is where I’ve landed for my current home and Lock Screen setup.

  • Playing in the rocks in Broken Bow.

  • We went for a nice family hike in Broken Bow today. Both kids were up for the adventure and handled it like pros.

  • Arkansas BBQ joint.

  • A little family walk to the neighborhood pizza joint.

  • First chance to get a few minutes of play time with the Fujifilm X100F (the X100V is almost impossible to get).

  • After some tweaking, here are my current lock and home screens. I tried the empty Home Screen approach, but it’s just not for me.

  • Mini golf time with the family. Brigsby (6) has been asking to go for a while, and we finally found the time to play a round!

  • You know how movies sometimes have that intimate “downtown” area? We are fortunate to live 1 block from that type of place (still only 15 minutes from a bigger city). Tomorrow is the annual close-the-streets small town Christmas party. Add a love story and it’s a Hallmark movie.

  • After going somewhat frequently, it’s now been 4 years since our last trip to Hawaii. Mostly thanks to COVID. I think it’s about time we head back. 📷

  • I have a Mystery Ranch 3-Way Briefcase available for sale. Lightly used, no rips/tears. Comes with strap. No zipper issues. $110 shipped. Ask for them and I’ll throw in some new Field Notes as well.

  • This was last year. Feels about the last time one of us did not have a cold or cough. Of course that’s an exaggeration, but the last few weeks have been quite the challenge. 🙏🏻

  • She woke up and decided Black Friday should be deep clean the kitchen day.

  • A day late on the Thanksgiving pic because I was in the land of no signal. Rowyn (the 3 year old) was very excited about this photo opportunity. 📷 🦃

  • There’s nothing quite like cold weather and sickness to make you miss warmth and the outdoors.

  • Cloud Cuckoo Land is a gem of a novel. Hidden within a seemingly random conversation between two characters, I discovered my new mantra.

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