@joshuapsteele Alright, here's a quick walk through for you. This assumes you do NOT have a Custom Theme set. If you already do, you can edit that theme, starting with step 2.

  1. Go to Micro.blog Design Settings Page. Click Edit Custom Themes. Click New Theme. Name it whatever you'd like, leave Github blank. You'll be taken to a list of your custom themes. Choose the one you just created.
  2. Inside your new theme, click New Template. For file/folder name type layouts/partials/head.html
  3. In that blank file, paste this code.
  4. Within that code, you'll see a section I've left comments around. You can edit that section to customize the home page description and (if you'd like) open graph images (not required).
  5. Save it all.

Then go back to Design Settings and choose that theme. Wait a minute or two and it should be live on your site. Google could take a while to reflect it, but you could use an Opengraph Checker to verify that you did it correctly immediately.

If anything above doesn't make sense or you have further questions, hit me up.