@jthingelstad I toyed with making this plugin, and while it is possible…it's a little too complex for me to make and manage. However, in the process, I worked through an easy way for you to DIY it.

  1. Go to Design Settings in Micro.blog
  2. Click Edit custom themes
  3. Click New Plugin
  4. Name it "Nostr Verification" or anything else, leave Github field blank
  5. Click Add Plugin (you'll be taken back to the custom themes page)
  6. Click the plugin you just created
  7. Click new template
  8. Name it exactly this: static/.well-known/nostr.json
  9. Insert the below code with your changes
  10. Save it then add your domain to the verification settings in your Nostr app

{ "names": { "your_preferred_name": "your_nostr_pub_key" } }

Can get your pubkey here. I broke down the steps thoroughly so it looks harder than it is. Shouldn't take more than 5 mins. Let me know if any questions. There are also ways to accomplish it similarly using a Custom theme, but that could have negative implications elsewhere (such as with plugin/theme updates). @manton may have more to add.