@pratik I probably need to write it up in more depth, but here's the quick overview:

  1. (Optional) Create a new action group called Micro.blog or Publishing or whatever.
  2. Add this action and this action. These allow you to post with and without titles. I didn't create these, but they do everything needed.
  3. Install this shortcut. This is for image uploads.
  4. In Drafts, create a new action that automatically runs the above shortcut. You'll be prompted to choose an image when you run that action. It'll append the markdown to the currently open Draft.
  5. For Quotebacks, edit the extension settings in drafts. Make sure "Drafts" is chosen as the template type. Replace the existing text in there with:
<blockquote class="quoteback" darkmode="" data-title="[[title]]" data-author="" cite="[[url]]"&gt;
<footer&gt;<cite&gt; <a href="[[url]]"&gt;[[url]]</a&gt;</cite&gt;</footer&gt; </blockquote&gt;
<script note="" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/Blogger-Peer-Review/quotebacks@1/quoteback.js"&gt;</script&gt;

That's the quick and dirty of it.