Seeing a few conversations about enabling the Replies page on made me want to dive in and optimize it a bit more for Tiny Theme. I added a link back to the full conversation (thanks to @jarrod for making that easy) in the replies feed view (example) and single post view (example).

    Tinylytics by @vincent has already become a must have for users. It’s so simple and useful. Plus, he gives shoutouts to guys like myself and @jimmitchell.

    Anyone use or OneBlade for shaving? Thoughts?

    Here’s a small project I just completed. I’m using a free file sharing app with a free file sharing service with a free URL shortening service that has free custom domain support to enable simple file sharing with a custom branded interface. That’s a long sentence. Here’s an example.

    Update: I documented how I did it.

    Hey, podcast people. If I wanted to record a podcast with multiple people in separate locations when both/all would only have access to an iPhone, how would I go about it? Is it possible?

    Looks like the Arc Browser is now available without a waiting list. I don’t use it as my default browser, but I could see it replacing Chrome for a lot of people.

    Today I learned that a DMARC quarantine/reject policy doesn’t play nice with Gmail (Google Workspace, in this case) aliases. The process of discovering it and working it out was not pleasurable.

    So is it X but also Twitter? Or do they have that worked out yet?

    Today’s front yard view.

    Louisiana front yard with pond. Kalena walking across.

    Having a little fun with Tinylytics (by @vincent) on my blog today.

    screenshot of tinlytics integration on

    If you use Tiny Theme on, consider hitting the Kudos button at the bottom of the landing page. Thanks!

    What Markdown/HTML will be displayed in the timeline? Bold, Italics, Links, inline code. I know about lists and images. What am I missing (include a sample in your reply if possible)?

    Following in @jarrod’s footsteps, here’s an extra Bluesky invite for anyone who needs:


    I’ve been using Libby/Kindle for reading for a few years now, but lately it seems it’s becoming more and more popular. Previously, I rarely had to place a hold, almost everything was available immediately. Now it’s the opposite. Placing a hold is the norm, often many weeks out.

    Tiny Theme + Tinylytics Update: I just pushed an update to Tiny Theme AND the Tinylytics for Tiny plugin that enables the new uptime stat. Use a shortcode to display your site’s uptime history. The plugin continues to work with Tinylytics free accounts, but uptime requires a paid account.

    Mastodon: Twitter killer that’s hard for normals to understand.

    Bluesky: Twitter killer that’s slow to dev & hard to join.

    Threads: Twitter killer that ignores followers & keeping posts in order.

    Nostr: Twitter killer that no one knows about.

    I just can’t imagine why Twitter isn’t dead yet.

    I’ve been serving on a Jury everyday this week. It was a fun experience (in between the boring minutia), but I’m glad it’s finally over. Back to normal life now.

    πŸ‘©πŸ»β€βš–οΈ Jury Duty day one ended with a whimper. No selections, only a β€œsee you tomorrow morning.” But I did learn what supplies I should bring tomorrow.

    My short post on Nostr and Bluesky Domain Verification got some moderate (a few thousand hits) Hacker News treatment yesterday and today.

    I need some product suggestions:

    1. A sling/pack that can be worn crossbody. I’d like it on the small side (2L max). Looking at Bellroy Venture Ready Sling 2.5L but it’s sold out.
    2. An AppleWatch Ultra band that is beach friendly. Considering the Ocean Band & Nomad’s options. Open to suggestions.

    Ahh, there are shareable profile links. Follow me on Threads.

    Find me on Threads (mattslangford).

    July 4th Family Day.

    Family photoChild and Kalena swinging

    Tiny theme has been updated and a new Tinylytics for Tiny plugin is now available. You can easily add site statistics, a hit counter, and a kudos button to any site using Tiny theme.

    I can’t say enough about how great Tinylytics is. @vincent’s done some amazing work! With his help, I’ve been able to add support for it (including a hit counter shortcode & styled kudos button) into Tiny theme. It should be available in the next couple days, but you can see/test it on my site now.

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