Adding domain specific verification to Nostr and changing your Bluesky username to your own domain can be accomplished by creating .well-known text files. If you’re using and would like to do this, it’s pretty easy.

Follow These Steps

  1. Go to Design Settings in
  2. Click Edit custom themes
  3. Click New Plugin
  4. Name it whatever you’d like, leave Github field blank
  5. Click Add Plugin (you’ll be taken back to the custom themes page)
  6. Click the plugin you just created
  7. Click new template
  8. Name it exactly this: static/.well-known/nostr.json (for Nostr verification) or static/.well-known/atproto-did (to use your domain on Bluesky). You can do them both separately.
  9. Insert the below code with your changes (for Nostr) or the code provided by Bluesky (in Bluesky app, go to main menu → settings → change handle → I have my own domain → No DNS Panel).
  10. Save it then add your domain to the verification settings in your Nostr app. In Bluesky, click Verify DNS Record.

Code for Nostr Verification:

{ "names": { "your_preferred_name": "your_nostr_pub_key" } }

Any questions?