Here’s a quick rundown of the Safari Extensions I keep enabled on my devices (iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS).


For ad blocking, many people go with 1Blocker, but I prefer Wipr. It’s a no nonsense, install it, and forget it app. 1Blocker is a fantastic app that allows almost limitless customizations and settings. Wipr is a fantastic app that has no customizations or settings. There’s a place for both, but Wipr wins for me.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda and Vinegar are made by the same developer. Together, they change almost every video embed across the internet to use your device’s native video player. This means things like Picture-in-Picture are always available.

Stop the Madness

Stop the Madness essentially fixes broken sites and common annoyances across the internet. See full links instead of shortened URLs, hide banners on common sites, enables autocomplete on sites that have it turned off, stop link trackers, stop videos from auto-playing, and so much more. You can choose settings globally or per site.

There are other apps on my devices that have extensions available, but I have all of those disabled. In addition to Wipr, I use a paid NextDNS account for ad blocking and privacy.