Tiny Theme is developed for use with the Micro.blog platform. It is designed to be as fast as possible while still supporting all features of the platform and popular plugins. This site is a full working demo.


  • Blazing fast
  • Fully responsive on all device sizes without CSS media queries
  • No externally loaded fonts
  • Uses CSS variables for color scheme, making customizing easy
  • Works with native Micro.blog features such as footer content, style editing, bookshelves and more
  • Includes custom styling for the Micro.blog Newsletter feature
  • Works with popular plugins such as Conversation on Micro.blog and Reply by Email
  • Full comment styling
  • 20% off Tinylytics Yearly Subscription (code “tiny-theme-mb”)
  • Much More

Support Development

Tiny Theme and its plugins are provided free of charge to Micro.blog users. I do not receive payment from Micro.blog in any way. If you’d like to help offset expenses and ensure the future of Tiny and its plugins, please consider supporting its development.

Make a Donation in any amount or setup a $5 monthly donation. Thank you!


  1. If you have an existing theme installed via plugins, uninstall it
  2. In Micro.blog design settings, set Hugo version to 0.91
  3. In Micro.blog design settings, remove any existing custom CSS
  4. Install Tiny Theme from the Micro.blog plugins directory

Tiny Theme Plugins

There are multiple additional plugins made specifically for Tiny Theme.

  • Browser Color (add an accent color that shows in certain browsers such as Safari for iOS)
  • Tinylytics (Recommended service and plugin for site statistics, a hit counter, a kudos button, and uptime monitoring. Use code “TINYTHEMEMB” for 20% off a yearly subscription.)
  • Fathom Analytics
  • Summary Posts (display summary posts on homepage instead of full posts)
  • Adaptive Photo Layout (display image galleries on select posts or pages)


  • All style customizations can be completed by clicking “Edit CSS” on the Micro.blog design page
  • Create or modify the footer by clicking “Edit Footer” on the Micro.blog design page
  • More advanced modifications can be made creating and editing a custom theme on top of Tiny Theme

Examples ↓

By clicking “Edit CSS” on the Micro.blog design page, you can add custom CSS to modify different elements of the theme. Modify the sizing, spacing, coloring, etc of any element in the theme. The most common change is to modify the color scheme, but there are many more things you can do.

Popular Requests:

Quick and Easy Tweaks You Can Make:

/* Remove the description from the header */

p.description { display: none; }

/* Center all content in the header */

.site-header { text-align: center; }

/* Easily change the size of the entire site.
Size and spacing throughout the site is based on the overall font size.
By changing it, everything throughout the site will chang to match.
I suggest something in the 16-24px range. */

body { font-size: 18px; }

/* Hide Categories on Posts */

ul.post-tags { display: none; }

More Information

If you have any issues or questions (including customization help), you can contact me. View the project on Github.

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