@maique If you want to enable the default Tinylytics stuff built within Tiny, here's a walkthrough:

  1. Update to Tiny 1.6.2 (If it isn't showing on your plugins page, just go to Find Plugins and click install on it again. Easy way to force an update.)
  2. Manually install this plugin by going to DesignEdit Custom ThemesNew Plugin and pasting the link in.
  3. Once the plugin is installed, go into its settings and add your Tinylytics ID and emoji of choice.

It'll automatically show inline with the conversation and email plugins. It should also work properly with Tinylytics new .did_select class. Lastly, you can use the plugins shortcode to display the hit counter anywhere you'd like. The plugin will eventually (soon) be added to the directory, just want to test it out a bit first.

You can delete whatever method you'd used previously to add the Tinylytics script.

cc @vincent