@manuel Alright, I did do some major tweaking today, but now is a good point (won't be doing anymore today). If you like it as it currently is, it's solid. But a few points.

  1. There are some legacy includes and js files. They aren't in use, but I may use them again in the future. Deleting them won't break anything.
  2. I set it up so when you put a post in a category, it adds a CSS class to that element in the main feed. This allows you to style posts within the post list differently depending on the category. You'll obviously have different categories than me, so if you choose to use that feature, you'll need to update your CSS to reflect that. This part is optional, but I use M.b's category filters to auto apply all categories.
  3. The global Header, global Footer, and Archive page are hard coded. So my navigation menu does NOT automatically pull from the Micro.blog Pages settings.
  4. You'll need to modify parts of partials/head.html to apply to you.

If you decide to go for it, I don't mind helping. I'm forever tweaking things, but now is a good point to start your own version and go your route.