Tiny Theme has been updated to version 2.7 and includes a fundamental change to how posts can be truncated with a Read More tag. Previously, you needed to use a Summary Posts plugin (now archived). The feature is now built-in for all users. Simply add a more tag within your post and it’ll be properly truncated on your main blog page.

That’s hardly breaking news, but here is where things change. Hugo (and thus Micro.blog) has limited support for formatting and handling this style of truncated posts/summaries. Typically, all HTML formatting (links, photos, etc) would be stripped out when using that tag. Obviously, that’s not ideal. Tiny Theme will now handle that how you might expect. Your blog feed, even when using the More tag, will show all HTML as intended on the post feed even when you use more tags.

The more tag can also be customized using a new microhook (microhook-read-more-text.html). This is great if you’d like to change it from saying “Read More” to “Finish Reading,” but it’s especially useful for users who need to use a different language.

For those of you currently using the Summary Posts plugin, it will stop working when you update to Tiny Theme 2.7. The switchover should be seamless as far as functionality. If you used the Summary Posts plugin to also change the text of the button, you’ll now need to do that with Microhooks.

You can see more details in the documention.